Around the time of my last post in the middle of September, my wife and I decided it was time for the change we had been thinking about for the last year or so. So we prepared to move over the month of October, stashed all of our stuff in a storage locker, tetris’d as much of our stuff we could into the back of our car, and drove ~1440 miles half way across the country. We’re now in the Greater Seattle Area after spending the last quarter century on the edge of a valley or in said valley. There are a few differences between the two places. Hills and elevation changes. It’s a wet breeze instead of a constant dry wind. Estimated population density between the two counties is 14x increased. Some differences, but overall a good change.

So in the past couple months, I’ve worked on my programming goals a bit and have re-implemented my stab a user-input controller/handler for XNA/MonoGame and it seems to work fairly well. I’m building the remainder of my game engine (sprites and spritesheets, animations and animation state machines, etc) in MonoGame so I can actually use the controller/handler and experiment with it in various configurations to see if it’s really a good idea and to find the areas that need improvement. All of this other work is also meaningful and fun because I’m slowly building in-engine tools to create the spritesheets and the animations so that game content can be created and tested smoothly and without needing to stop execution, tweak, and compile every time.

All of this work on programming goals and making parts of a game is about taking something that is good in theory and trying to implement it to be able to grow and learn, and hopefully have a good time along the way.