New site design and look! Based off of end2end! Sites structure is now available on Github too!

The reason for this change really is to have better performance and looks.

While I can do full-stack development, a lot of my efforts for the last few years has been focused on non-web development but instead on services, tools, and stand-alone applications. This means a lot of my front-end skills are rather rusty. So being able to borrow very heavily from an existing theme by someone who actually love do front-end design really improves how my site looks and provides some good functionality. Time saved and better presentation. Win-win.

So the looks are better, but what about the performance? Well, that will have to wait for another post after deploying and being able to compare the better and the after. After all, it is necessary to have a baseline (the before) before it is possible to compare and contrast. After that, I plan to apply more optimizations where I can to improve the new over the old even more.